This project is based on the existence of Citizenship Space that works daily. It is composed of a technical team that assures the following valencies: care and reception of immigrants through the provision of information; organization of regularization processes; applications for Portuguese nationality; family reunification; visas; registration of citizens of the European Union; registration in the proofs of knowledge of Portuguese and issuance of certificates and legal advice.

Support to the socio-professional insertion of the users through a UNIVA that constitutes an employment exchange, that interlinks with the diverse services of the IEFP of the country. Referral of users to vocational training, recognition and validation of skills courses, Portuguese language courses certified by the Ministry of Education, in conjunction with some local educational establishments and the Seixal Employment Center. Promotion of awareness-raising initiatives and training on topics of interest in interculturality, foreign law, human rights, gender equality, migration and cultural communities. Promotion and support to immigrant associations. Encouraging exchanges with the countries of origin of immigrants through the project website: Peoples Cultures and Bridges .

The objectives of this program are to facilitate the integration into Portuguese society of migrants and ethnic groups, promoting the reception of immigrant citizens who settle in the Municipality of Seixal and supporting in the return to Portugal Portuguese citizens who, having been emigrants, seek reintegration in our society; to develop an effective and dynamic partnership that articulates the integrated intervention of local actors, contributing to foster synergies, skills and resources at the local level, involving the entire society in welcoming migrants and ethnic groups.

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