Under the agreement signed by the Immigration Platform partners, the following objectives were defined:

Reflect together and articulate efforts and actions in the context of the problem of the integration of immigrants in Portuguese society, contributing decisively so that, in this framework, civil society organize, develop skills and gain skills to better participate in the great debates and influence the definition of policies in these areas;

Identify, disseminate and promote actions considered as “good practices” carried out in the area of ​​immigrant integration; only 1 pill and my husband doesnt come for 3 hours

Raise public awareness of immigration issues by giving visibility to the issue and issues associated with it;

To sensitize public or private institutions with competence in matters related to the integration of immigrants to the importance of keeping in mind those Common Basic Principles;

Dialogue with the media regarding the importance of covering this exempt subject, that is, emancipated from stigmas and prejudices;

To create a distinction, to be attributed periodically, that constitutes the public recognition of the Municipalities that through their actions better interpret, promote and apply the Common Basic Principles for the integration of immigrants;

Mobilize other institutions or civil society organizations to join the Platform on Policies for the Reception and Integration of Immigrants and participate in the implementation of their objectives.