The Migrant Women PROJECT
Three festivals for Intercultural dialogue
The project MIGRANT WOMEN started from an idea coordinator ilCAntinonearteTeatride Montepulciano, district of Siena, later developed by three European co-organizers, the Motus (Siena, Italy), the BollywoodPictures (Lisbon, Portugal) and ZecoraUraTheatre (London, UK).

Immigration, integration and intercultural dialogue between the culture of the country of origin and the culture of the host country. The choice of the topic falls on the feminine point of view: a particular perspective of the “migrant woman”, her dual minority status, in her culture of origin and in the new customs of the host country as a woman and a migrant.
There are multiple questions: what happens when one culture necessarily confronts another with a different one? What happens when one culture emerges in another, and when one culture welcomes another? What becomes tax, lost, or received? What lies behind the reciprocal prejudices between those who arrive and those who welcome? And what does it mean to be a “migrant woman”?

Three European Festivals which include: two theater shows, a dance show, the screening of a documentary film, as well as a congress, three round tables and around the numerous events associated with the project. The MATER FESTIVAL between the cities of Montepulciano and Siena in Italy, MIGRANT DAYS LISBOA in Portugal, and MIGRANT DAYS LONDON in the United Kingdom. This is how Migrant Women sees and tries to look inside their own questions: through artistic language, dialogue and confrontation.

Encourage intercultural dialogue, encourage the transnational circulation of artists and artistic works, and encourage the mobility of those working in the organization and administration of the project to achieve knowledge of other national realities beyond their own. The Migrant Women project considers the local dimension, where it was born, as important as the European dimension. The local reality is where we can discover and analyze the habits and stereotypes about “migrant women,” and then confront them with European cultural diversity.



18H30 – CINEMA SÃO JORGE | Room 1 – Presentation / Opening of the Festival Migrant Days Lisbon ’09 | Projection of the documentary film Migrant Women (a Bollywood Pictures production)

19H00 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Sala Prado Coelho – Concerto Tiago Alexandre (classical guitar)

22H00 – SILVER ARM FACTORY | Sala Prado Coelho – Seminar on Aesthetics with Davor Ciglar (artist)

22H30 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Visconti Room – Movie Projection
| Nietzsche Room – Jazz Red Notes

23H30 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Prado Coelho Room – European Dances


19H30 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Sala Visconti – Café Concerto at the Migrant Days Festival Lisbon ’09 (with São José Lapa, Teté and Carlos Martins)

21H30 – IBERIAN THEATER – Dance show Iris under the Sea (MOTUS dance Compagnia)

22H30 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Visconti Room – Movie Projection
| Nietzsche Room – Jazz with João Lucas and Miguel Mira
| Room Prado Coelho – Chimera

23H30 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Sala Visconti – Reception Feast Dj / Vj Festival Migrant Days Lisbon ’09 (with Roberta Scarcella aka PacWoman)


19H30 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Sala Visconti – Thematic Conference under the Migrant Days Festival Lisbon ’09 (with Catarina Portas)

21H30 – IBERIAN THEATER – Theater performance Do not cross the Yellow Line (CAT Compagnia Teatrale)

22H30 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Visconti Room – Movie Projection
| Nietzsche Room – Jazz with Júlio Resende
| Sala Prado Coelho – Jazz with the Amateurs Music

00H00 – SILVER ARM FACTORY | Nietzsche Room – Jazz with Daniel Schvetz

00H30 – SILVER ARM FACTORY | Sala Prado Coelho- Free Fucking Notes with Marta Plantier and Luís Barrigas


18H00 – SILVER ARM FACTORY | Sala Visconti – Projection of film “The Flying Carpet” by João Mário Grilo (a Bollywood Pictures production)

19H30 – FACTORY ARM OF SILVER – Theater Show A Lament for Medea (Zecora Ura Theater)

21H30 – FACTORY ARM OF SILVER – Theater Show A Lament for Medea (Zecora Ura Theater)

22H30 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Sala Visconti – Award of the Photo Contest Prize
| Sala Prado Coelho – Jazz with the Amateurs Music

23H00 – SILVER ARM FACTORY | Nietzsche Room – Corsage

23H30 – FACTORY SILVER ARM | Sala Visconti – Final Party Migrant Days Lisbon ’09

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