What is the Immigration Platform


Integrate, promote and disseminate

The Platform for Policies on Immigrant Reception and Integration (Platform for Immigration), launched on 21 November 2006, aims to be an example of joint action by civil society partners (Foundations, employers’ associations, members of the Economic and Social Council and Religious Confessions ) with direct or indirect intervention in the reception and integration of migrants in Portugal.

It is intended to demonstrate that organized civil society, much more than the sum of the parties, can be the key to success and facilitating the integration of difference and the promotion of a society more tolerant and valorizing human rights.

Recognizing the importance of the action of local authorities in the dynamics of reception and integration, the Immigration Platform challenged 13 Municipal Chambers where the immigrant population has a high presence to associate, from the beginning, with its principles and objectives. male enhancement pills

The High Commissioner for Immigration and Ethnic Minorities is part of the Immigration Platform as an observer.