This initiative of the Immigration Platform aims to reward immigrants who have distinguished themselves for their entrepreneurial and responsible role in the context of Portuguese society, and who are examples of proactive and innovative integration and, eventually, encouraging cooperation between their countries of origin and Portugal.

Recipients of this Contest are immigrants who: do not hold Portuguese nationality; have a residence permit in Portugal at the time of application; have been resident in Portugal for more than five years, starting from the application date; at the date of the beginning of residence in Portugal were not citizens of the European Union; have a profile that fits the objectives of the contest.

An entrepreneur is understood to be a persistent individual who likes to take risks and accept challenges and who creates something new or adds value to something that already exists, through a lot of dedication and effort.

The aforementioned concept includes not only the creation of new companies or entities (self-employed entrepreneur) but also the introduction, by creative employees, of innovative processes, products or services in the companies or organizations where they work (entrepreneur for others) and, yet, attitudes of proactive social responsibility.

In this framework, a competition opens every year (on a date to be announced).

The award decision is the responsibility of the Founding Nucleus of the Immigration Platform, based on a proposal presented by a jury chaired by Dr. António Vitorino.

The € 20,000 Prize is awarded each year at a public ceremony on the International Day of Migrants, 18 December.