The GARSE was born in 1993 and over the years has maintained a regular and permanent work of support and development of action plans for and as immigrant populations of the Council of Loures.

The competences and areas of action of this project are the following: immigration, which accompanies and supports the associativism with origin in immigration; to promote Loures Observations / Human Rights, formerly known as the Immigration Observatory, whose purpose is to contribute to solidify the knowledge of migratory phenomena, enabling the creation and evaluation of specific and concrete intervention policies. It also develops actions aimed at integrating and valuing immigrants and ethnic populations, such as: the CLAII’s network – Local Centers to Support Immigrant Integration; effective partnership with ACIDI;

Although they have not been submitted to the competition, mention is also made of the actions carried out by the Municipality of Loures, such as Citizenship / Specific Social Groups, Cooperation Relations and Community Intervention.

GARSE develops its actions with some regularity, for more information we advise the visualization of its site

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