Distinction Best Municipal Practices

Distinction for Best Municipal Practices

The Immigration Platform decided to create a Distinction for Best Practices to distinguish Municipal Councils that have stood out for the implementation of exemplary projects in the field of promoting the reception and integration of immigrants.

Projects are eligible, namely in the areas of reception, professional integration and/or social integration, and may cover actions in the fields of training, education, health, housing and employment.

In this framework every year opens (at a date to be announced) a competition for projects proposed by City Councils.

The attribution decision is the responsibility of the Founding Nucleus of the Immigration Platform, based on a proposal presented by an independent jury chaired by Prof. Dr. Maria Lucinda Fonseca, from the Center for Geographical Studies, University of Lisbon.

The Distinction is presented in a public ceremony on the International Migrants Day, 18 December.

Distinction for Best Municipal Practices

Seixal Territorial Pact

AmpliARte Project
Generation Project
Project “As Fogaceiras ea Interculturalidade”
Immigrant Entrepreneur Award

Elisabeta Ecaterina Necker

Mariana Serpinina
Paulo Mendes

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